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    Our world is undergoing major population changes that are simultaneously shaping and being shaped by geographical and social inequalities. Global population growth continues, albeit more slowly, while many economies face population aging and declining birth rates. Migration flows, both intranational and international, have surged. Urbanization is rising globally. We seek papers that analyze the dynamic interrelationships between these population changes and inequalities in different spheres, including (but not limited to) economic, political, educational, health, gender, sexuality, and ethnicity etc. In addition, we welcome submissions of papers regarding the following (but not limited to) topics:

  • • Civil society and social movements

    • Class and social stratification

    • Migration

    • Gender and sexuality

    • Marriage and family

    • Work and employment

    • Deviance and crime

    • Health and well-being



    • Youth and the elderly

    • Religion

    • Education

    • Culture

    • Political systems and changes

    • Globalization

    • Environment and sustainable development

    • Research methods


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    Keynote Speaker

    Prof. Wei-Jun Jean Yeung

    Department of Sociology and Anthropology,

    National University of Singapore


    Demographic Transition and Social Stratification in Asia

    Professor Yeung is a Provost-Chair Professor in the NUS Sociology Department and Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. Prior to NUS, her academic history includes time at the University of Michigan and New York University. She is the founding Director of the Center for Family and Population Research in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at NUS. She is an international advisor for several family panel studies in the world. Currently, she leads a project on Singapore preschool children's development Singapore Longitudinal EArly Development Study (SG LEADS). Professor Yeung has published extensively and has been on the editorial boards of several top-ranking international journals such as Demography, Journal of Marriage and Family, Child Development, Social Science Research, and Journal of Family Issues, and on numerous scientific review committees and advisory boards. Professor Yeung’s current research includes various family demographic issues in Asia and in America. Her work appears in leading journals and is cited widely in academic publications and high-impact media such as BBC News and The Economist. Her recent publications include changing family values and behavior, children's well-being, human capital, and aging.

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