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    Health and Wellbeing in

    (Post-) Pandemic Times 


    Over the past few years, we have experienced the tremendous impacts brought by the pandemic on various domains of life. Against this background, this conference aims to address the pressing issues of health and wellbeing in pandemic and post-pandemic times from a sociological perspective.  Participants will explore practical and policy responses to enhance health and wellbeing in the (post-)pandemic condition.

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    Regional Integration, Social Divisions


    “Hong Kong Greater Bay Area,” “One Belt, One Road,” “Brexit,” “America First.” The last few years have witnessed increasing anxieties about global integration and national autonomy. The conference aims to encourage presentations and discussions on various aspects of these developments and the social divisions that surround them.

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    Social Transformations in Chinese Societies


    This year's HKSA Annual Meeting held specific panels dedicated to theory and research on social transformations in Chinese societies. HKSA welcomed papers on all areas of sociological research, including class and social stratification, deviance and crime, education, gender and sexuality, global inequality, marriage and family, media and culture, migration, religion, social movement, work and employment.