Reflections on teaching, researching and

    advocating gender equality in Hong Kong

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    This talk began with a brief description of Professor Annie Chan's course of experiences in academia and non-government organizations over the past 25 years, through which she reflected on some key moments in teaching, researching and advocating for gender equality in Hong Kong. These reflections prompt Professor Chan to ask: What strategies have we been using to talk about gender equality, and how well have they worked? How can we continue to highlight and sustain the relevance of gender and sexuality related issues in higher education? Professor Chan used specific examples from her research on women in the Hong Kong Police, men who take "upskirt" photos of women, and her most recent experience working with HER Fund's Transformative Feminist Leadership programme to engage in an open discussion with the audience.



    Prof. Annie HN Chan 

    Associate Professor

    Department of Sociology and Social Policy, Lingnan University



    Miss Doris Chong

    Executive Director, ACSVAW, RainLily

    Prof. Susanne YP Choi

    Department of Sociology, CUHK



    Dr. Anson Au

    Department of Applied Social Sciences, PolyU